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By Fan T.-H.

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Semantic models for multimedia database searching and browsing

Semantic versions for Multimedia Database looking and perusing starts off with the creation of multimedia details purposes, the necessity for the improvement of the multimedia database administration structures (MDBMSs), and the real concerns and demanding situations of multimedia structures. The temporal relatives, the spatial kinfolk, the spatio-temporal family members, and a number of other semantic versions for multimedia info platforms also are brought.

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Chapter 2 SEMANTIC MODELS FOR MULTIMEDIA INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1. INTRODUCTION Unlike traditional database systems which have text or numerical data, a multimedia database or information system may contain different medias such as text, image, audio, and video. One of the inherent characteristics of multimedia data is the heavy time-dependence in that they usually related by temporal relations which have to be maintained during their playout. Therefore, how to synchronize the various data types for sophisticated multimedia presentations is a major challenge.

The duration of a basic object is explicitly specified by associating with it an interval representing the object presentation time or implicitly assumed to be that of the content portion associated with it. On the other hand, the duration of a composite object and its synchronization requirements are specified by a new class of attributes. This new class of attributes is called the temporal construction attributes that each temporal construction attribute specifies the temporal relationships occurring among the duration of the object to which it refers, and those of its children in the tree representing the layout or logical structure of the document.

Unlike the OCPN model, the net places in PNBH can have multiple outgoing arcs. Hence, the nondeterministic and cyclic browsing can be represented. 5 THE OBJECT-ORIENTED MODELS The basic idea in this type of models is to represent a real world thing or concept as an object. An object usually has an identifier, attributes, methods, a pointer to data, etc. [68]. 5. An example PNBH Petri net. events. Under an object-oriented approach, the events are modeled as a set of objects related to each other in several ways.

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A Bayesian analysis for the seismic data on Taiwan by Fan T.-H.

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