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Political Freedom

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By Attracta Ingram

ISBN-10: 0198279019

ISBN-13: 9780198279013

ISBN-10: 0198279639

ISBN-13: 9780198279631

Rights are uncomplicated construction blocks of the modern kingdom, but their rigorous justification is tough. This ebook offers a radical research of this relevant subject, and demanding situations the orthodox view that rights are a kind of estate declare in one's physique. Drawing at the culture of the social agreement in addition to the wealth of contemporary paintings in political conception, Ingram conceives of rights as a kind of political declare, and exhibits how they are often justified in a manner relatively suited for the pluralistic nature of latest liberal society.

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36 SELF-OWNERSHIP without being libertarian, provided we regard ourselves as dependent on a rational God who is the source of our natural obligations. If that assumption cannot be made because the desired scheme of rights is one for a secular liberal democracy, then Locke's model of split ownership is no challenge to the libertarian. 72 We could envisage a ceiling on what could be demanded for the exercise of talents on analogy with rent-control for housing. In this latter case, rent legislation restricts the income rights of landlords, but leaves them with a substantial battery of ownership rights.

39 And in a striking repetition H. L. A. 42 Despite the vintage and contemporary standing of the principle of self-ownership, it is, I believe, a serious error to identify right-holding with ownership. Right-holding revolves round the importance of certain moral capacities to frame and execute one's own plan of life. It is related to being in command of one's own life and so with the idea of being a master or dominus which, historically, goes with being the overlord of property. But the identification of dominion and ownership is contingent.

But while it is not difficult to feel the pull of self-ownership we also find it has a less attractive aspect. In our society the power question starts from the inequality that inevitably comes about when people enjoy self-ownership. Once people enjoy a system of unfettered private property rights in their persons and powers, they can, through a combination of effort and good fortune in their natural endowments come to own unequal shares of worldly resources. 76 People find themselves unequal with respect to their abilities to satisfy their needs and to live the lives they wish for themselves.

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