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By C. W. Leadbeater

WHAT THEOSOPHY IS "There is a faculty of philosophy nonetheless in lifestyles of which glossy tradition has misplaced sight." In those phrases Mr. A.P. Sinnett begun his e-book, The Occult international, the 1st well known exposition of Theosophy, released thirty years in the past. [Namely in 1881.] in the course of the years that experience handed considering the fact that then, many hundreds of thousands have discovered knowledge in that faculty, but to the bulk its teachings are nonetheless unknown, and so they can provide purely the vaguest of replies to the question, "What is Theosophy?" books exist already which solution that query: Mr. Sinnett's Esoteric Buddhism and Dr. Besant's the traditional knowledge. i've got no considered getting into pageant with these usual works; what I wish is to give a press release, as transparent and easy as i will be able to make it, that may be considered as introductory to them.

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A man who does not understand this usually makes one of two mistakes with regard to it: either he supposes it to be the prompting of his own nature, and therefore regards that nature as inherently evil, or he thinks of the pressure as coming from outside—as a temptation of an imaginary devil. The truth lies between the two. The pressure is natural, not to the man but to the vehicle which he is using; its desire is natural and right for it, but harmful to the man, and therefore it is necessary that he should resist it.

When the man leaves his physical body his separation from it should be complete, and generally is so; but this is not the case with the much finer matter of the astral body. In the course of his physical life the ordinary man usually entangles himself so much in astral matter (which, from another point of view, means that he identifies himself so closely with his lower desires) that the indrawing force of the ego cannot entirely separate him from it again. Consequently, when he finally breaks away from the astral body and transfers his activities to the mental, he loses a little of himself he leaves some of himself behind imprisoned in the matter of the astral body.

This astral world is full of thought-created figures and landscapes. Men of all religions image here their deities and their respective conceptions of paradise, and enjoy themselves greatly among these dream-forms until they pass into the mental world and come into touch with something nearer to reality. W. LEADBEATER A TEXTBOOK OF THEOSOPHY Every one after death—any ordinary person, that is, in whose case the rearrangement of the matter of the astral body has been made—has to pass through all these subdivisions in turn.

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