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Download A treatise on angel magic : being a complete transcription by Adam McLean PDF

By Adam McLean

ISBN-10: 0933999836

ISBN-13: 9780933999831

ISBN-10: 0933999844

ISBN-13: 9780933999848

A Treatise on Angel Magic

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The sixth and last kind of Spirits are those who are in the Abysme and place called Hell, whose principal and proper office is, besides the pains which they endure, to torment the damned souls. This place, saith Job, hath no order at all but continual fear, horror and amazement. Apuleius, who made himself so well acquainted with Spirits of all sorts, writeth that there is a kind of Spirits who are always free from the strings and bonds of the body, of which number is sleep and love whom he termeth Spirits; whereby he seemeth to ANGELS' DEG REES AND OFFIC ES 63 confess, that there are others which have bodies, and so thinketh St.

21 BERITH, a great and terrible Duke, he cometh forth as a red soldier on a red horse with a crown on his head. He answereth truly of things past, present and to come. He turneth metals into Gold, giveth Dignities, and confirmeth them. Speaketh with a clear and subtle voice. 26 Legions are under him. 22 BUER, is a great President, he teaches Philosophy moral and natural, also logic and the virtue of herbs. He giveth the best familiars. He can heal all diseases, ruleth 40 Legions. 23 BUNE, a great Duke appeareth as a Dragon with three heads, the third whereof is like a man.

A. 8 3 ocf In the 15th Mansion of the Fifth Table you find which signifies the Spirit Bealphares. In the 22nd Mansion of the Fifth Table you find ~ which is the seal of Pamersiel. which is In the 24th Mansion of the Fifth Table you find the seal of Asmodai. A 39 TABULASANCTA THE SIXTH TABLE OF ENOCH consists of twelve squares or Mansions. TABULA TOVIS Gabriel Bilet 28 leg + Michael 30 9 Osael Babel Gabrael 999 Rael I I Arcan Lobquin hyniel Balay Galdel Osael Mathiel Dabriel darquiel buer 2 Amaimon Laquel 30 leg buer paimon paidiel Berith The five Kings of the North: Sitrael Malantha Thamaor Sitrami Gusoin ~ Asmodai CC 5 Buer Padiel en.

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A treatise on angel magic : being a complete transcription of Ms. Harley 6482 in the British Library by Adam McLean

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