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Addiction Recovery

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By Stephen Roos

ISBN-10: 0585150133

ISBN-13: 9780585150130

ISBN-10: 0894868519

ISBN-13: 9780894868511

Brisk, insightful, and compassionate, this e-book appears to be like at all the Twelve Steps from a tender person's viewpoint. Concrete course is helping getting better youngsters make the stairs part of their lives.

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As a group, we seem to be overly concerned, sometimes even obsessed, with finding fault and fixing blame. Page 16 Even before the evidence is in, even before we know something's gone wrong, we're the folks who seem to know for sure that we're going to get blamed for it. And most of the time, whether we admit it or not, we think we should be blamed for it. " In our self-centered fear, we become the cause of everything. And because we all have a strong negative streak, we think we are the cause of everything that goes wrongevery test we fail, every disappointment, every family fight.

It never occurred to me that my defects hurt me a lot too. When I finished the Page 48 Fifth Step, it was the first time I was really glad there were more steps. Well, kind of glad," he adds with a laugh. As our addiction progressed, we grew wearier and warier of others. It seemed to us that people were obstacles in our path to happiness. As far as we were concerned, life would be a whole lot simpler, and often a whole lot safer, if there just weren't other people to deal with. In Step Five, we begin to turn that around.

If we spoke out about our feelings, we were very often ignored. If we complained about certain abuses, we were frequently punished. It wasn't long before we learned to pretend the pain wasn't there. We began to believe that if we hid from our feelings, maybe they'd go away. This was denial and it was a survival technique. It helped us get through! Denial, however, is an uphill business. The more you deny feelings, the harder it gets. Denial, however, is an uphill business. The more you deny feelings, the harder it gets.

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