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By Rodney Orpheus

ISBN-10: 1578633265

ISBN-13: 9781578633265

Thelemic magick, because it is practiced this present day, relies at the works of Aleister Crowley. these works could be dense, and Crowley’s instructed process research intimidating to rookies. In Abrahadabra, Rodney Orpheus deals a far less complicated and extra speedy direction for operating with an identical magical present Crowley used. His process is grounded in practice—you don’t have to learn tomes earlier than you start to meditate and perform rituals and functional routines and manifestations. Abrahadabra is an ideal primer for someone who's curious to grasp what magick is all approximately, however it is usually an excellent sourcework for these trying to increase their very own Wiccan or pagan perform with ritual magick or who search a deeper realizing of Crowley’s vintage works.

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It was a common Totemic custom for the brothers and sisters to perform their commemorative ceremonies or mysteries in the likeness of the Totemicanimal. In the Australian Rites of Initiation the teachings and moral lessons are conveyed in object-lessons pantomimically displayed. The various Totems are indicated by the language of gestures. The “Rock-Wallabies” are initiated by jumping with the knees slightly bent and the legs kept wide apart. The Kangaroos hop about in the likeness of the Totemic animal.

If the Australian savage does attribute the earliest marriage-laws to a Crow, he is but saying the same thing as Hor-Apollo (I, 9), who tells us that when the Egyptians denote marriage they depict two Crows, because the birds cohabit in the human fashion, and their laws of intercourse are strictly monogamic. Nor is the Gnosis of the original representation quite extinct. The “Wisdom of Manihiki” is a Mangaian designation of the Gnosis, or knowledge of mythical representation, the secrets of which were limited to a few priests who were the same in the Hervey Isles that the Her-Seshti were to the Wisdom of Egypt.

There was no cutting of the male or opening of the female with the firestick or the stone knife by which the sexes were divided, or made, or in the latter phrase “created” into men and women. These were the “Inapertwa” beings in the Alcheringa who preceded women and men and were pre-Totemic. These were the Unopened or the Uncircumcised, who had to be transformed into women and men by cutting and opening; that is by introcision and circumcision, or subincision, by which they were made into women and men in becoming Totemic.

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Abrahadabra: Understanding Aleister Crowley's Thelemic Magick by Rodney Orpheus

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