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By David S. Dummit, Richard M. Foote

ISBN-10: 0471433349

ISBN-13: 9780471433347

Commonly acclaimed algebra textual content. This ebook is designed to offer the reader perception into the ability and wonder that accrues from a wealthy interaction among diversified parts of arithmetic. The publication rigorously develops the speculation of alternative algebraic buildings, starting from uncomplicated definitions to a couple in-depth effects, utilizing a number of examples and routines to help the reader's figuring out. during this manner, readers achieve an appreciation for a way mathematical buildings and their interaction bring about strong effects and insights in a couple of diversified settings.

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This result is not true, in general, even for σ -compact locally compact topological groups. The corresponding examples of essentially distinct left and right Haar measures on some groups of this type are due to von Neumann and are presented, for instance, in [80] and [83]. Let us also remark that if E is a σ -compact locally compact topological group, then a Haar measure μ on E is σ -finite. Conversely, it is not difficult to show that if a Haar measure μ on a locally compact topological group E is σ -finite, then E is σ -compact (see Exercise 5).

It can readily be checked that the definition of ν is correct and ν is a nonnegative finitely additive Radon type functional strictly extending ν . But this circumstance contradicts the maximality of ν . The contradiction obtained finishes the proof. Remark 2. Alexandrov’s and Henry’s theorems are important and are successfully applied in various questions of measure theory. One typical application of Henry’s theorem is given in Exercise 10 of this chapter. The natural and interesting question arises whether any σ finite Borel measure on a complete metric space is Radon.

Then μ can be extended to a measure μ so that X becomes μ -measurable and, in general, there are various possibilities to construct such an extension μ (see Exercise 1 for this chapter). Thus, by starting with the assumption that there are no large cardinals, we can infer that there are no maximal extensions of the original nonzero σ -finite diffused measure μ . Extensive information about large cardinals and their combinatorial properties can be found in [10], [69], [91], [145], and [150] (see also Appendix 1).

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