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By Roger Teichmann (auth.)

ISBN-10: 0312068247

ISBN-13: 9780312068240

ISBN-10: 1349218634

ISBN-13: 9781349218639

ISBN-10: 1349218650

ISBN-13: 9781349218653

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Wisdom' fulfils Hale's criteria while, for example, 'the sake of Peter' doesn't; but this merely shows the degree to which 'higher-order' discourse is more important, requires more inferential versatility, than 'sake'-discourse. Given the entrenchment of, and versatility of, noun-biased forms, it is understandable why such (grammatical) forms should be employed for 'higher-order' discourse. The important inferential differences which hold between terms like 'wisdom' and terms like 'Socrates' are those arising from inferential 44 The General Problem and its Solution capacities had by the former which are not had by the latter.

In a sentence like 'Something is red', or 'Some object is red', 'something' ('some object') has the logical category :s:sn, or second-level predicable. In order to assign categories to CETs, we need to extend the function/argument machinery. How exactly this is to be done should be clear from the foregoing pages; but it should also be clear that the extension to our system will still be essentially reliant upon the function/argument distinction. After all, the categories 'associated with' CETs - including 'thing' as it occurs in any given context - are just the categories of name (n), predicable (:sn), sentence (s), and so on.

And, even if it is adequate, can a nominalist guarantee to provide analyses on demand? In fact, the analysis which I have given of '- is coloured' certainly needs tinkering with, for instance, to exclude '- is transparent', or '- is blurred', as substituends for the predicable-variables. Philosophers might also be worried that no mention of qualia is made in the analysis. My own feeling is that an analysis, in the desired sense, may not actually be possible for an expression like 'is coloured'.

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Abstract Entities by Roger Teichmann (auth.)

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