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By Mark Y.D. Wang

ISBN-10: 0833027859

ISBN-13: 9780833027856

In June 1998, U.S. vice chairman Al Gore and the nationwide Partnership for Reinventing executive awarded a group of U.S. military logisticians and RAND analysts the Hammer Award in reputation of a good accomplishment: streamlining military logistics. for many years, the functionality of military logistics fell gradually at the back of most sensible advertisement practices. military mechanics may wait on common a month for spare components from far away offer depots with the intention to fix a down weapon approach. this day a high-velocity, streamlined military provide procedure gives you spare components in part the time it took to bring them simply three years previous. actually, nowadays it acutally takes much less time to get a spare half from a military provide depot than from a advertisement seller.

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Accelerated Logistics: Streamlining the Army's Supply Chain by Mark Y.D. Wang

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