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By Gary Watson

ISBN-10: 0199272271

ISBN-13: 9780199272273

ISBN-10: 019927228X

ISBN-13: 9780199272280

Because the Seventies Gary Watson has released a sequence of remarkable and hugely influential essays on human motion, studying such questions as: in what methods are we loose and never unfastened, rational and irrational, dependable or now not for what we do? ethical philosophers and philosophers of motion will welcome this assortment, representing some of the most very important our bodies of labor within the box.

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We also change in our own intrinsic character, in the way we ourselves are, apart from our relationships to anything else. When I sit I’m bent, when I stand I’m straight. When I change my shape, that isn’t a 38 For detailed discussions of persistence and change in the standard framework, see Hawley (2001) and Sider (2001). A characterization of the standard approach will be given in Sect. 3. Temporal Supervenience 33 matter of my changing relationship to other things, or my relationship to other changing things.

This construal further allows saying that the facts about ordinary time make up the ordinary conception of time, whereas the facts about spacetime make up the spacetime conception, and that, although different kinds of fact are involved, the two conceptions describe the same portion of reality. Three instances of temporal supervenience are relevant in the present context: (TS1) Facts about times logically supervene on facts about points and regions of spacetime. 34 It would be odd to allow facts to entail each other if facts were states of affairs.

The reductionist violently assimilates what appear to be fundamentally different conceptual schemes. The reductionist says that, when the physicists came up with spacetime theory, they did not discover a different picture of the world; they rather uncovered our own picture. According to them, we have been speaking the language of physics all along without noticing. That our common way of thinking is misleading to this extent is certainly an option. But I believe that it should not be the point of departure.

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