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By Dana Bell

Air strength colours Vol.I: 1926-1942

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0 fA LJ G ' IS a mea sure Free Energy and the Equilibrium Constant. For a chan e of free ener . at constant temperature (dT = 0), Eqs. (71) and (72) gi~e gy wIth pressure OP T =V dLlG dP =LI V. and 1 LlG= JLlVdP= J(RT/P)dP=RT Jd In P. (83) (84) If LI G1 for P 1 -1 atm isdefin ed as a standard free-energy change LI GO th . b ecomes , e equatIOn ' (85) At some one value of P defi d h liquid and vapor are in ~q' uilib:~u~sa:; :aGPo~POreHssure at a given temperature, LJ 2-' -LlGO=RT In P ence d In f = d GIRT (at constant temperature) (88) where f and G are the fugacity and molal free energy of the gas.

13). Now for a chemical reaction (91) bB+dD~yY+zZ Eq. f the s~cond equation is applied to the vaporization of a ure l i ' . IS practIcally equal to the volume of vapor. If the vapor hqu1d ~r sohd, LI V LI V for I f 0 eys t e perLect-gas law and Eq • (82) l'S rea dil' one mo e 0 gas may be set equal to RTiP I , y tntegrable:' Hence a substance would exert if its vapor behaved as a perfect gas. One way of expressing this definition offugacity is by writing Eq. (86) in differential form for a single substance: (90) The correspondin~ criterion for a spontaneous reaction at constant volume an constant temperature IS the statement that LlA b '.

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