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By G T Csanady,NetLibrary, Inc.

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Concentration changes on the air side, attributable to gas transfer, are very small. Variables influencing the gas transfer velocity, apart from solubility and diffusivity √ in water, include the friction velocity in water, u ∗w = τi /ρw , the common velocity scale of wave and eddy motions exchanging fluid between the diffusive boundary layer, and the turbulent interior of the water side. A key property of such motions is their surface divergence, ∂u/∂ x + ∂v/dy = u ∗w / , where is their length scale.

An almost identical set of calculations yields the result that the humidity Force, integrated over depth, equals the THV dissipation rate εq , Flux product, −w q dq dz proportional to an entropy source of magnitude c p εq . 4 Buoyancy Flux Correction The above “neutral” scalar property distributions hold only as long as the implied heat or vapor fluxes are small enough for buoyancy effects to be negligible. Strictly speaking, a neutral temperature of vapor concentration distribution is a contradiction in terms.

The Reynolds flux of heat therefore vanishes in an atmosphere of constant potential temperature. Texts in meteorology explain that a parcel of air moved adiabatically up or down in such an atmosphere changes its temperature owing to expansion or compression just so as to remain at the temperature of its environment. There is then no mechanism for producing temperature fluctuations, and there can be no Reynolds flux of heat. 7 Air-Sea Gas Transfer Atmospheric gases, such as carbon dioxide, oxygen, radon, and a number of others, are also present in the ocean in dilute solution.

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