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By Neil Powell

ISBN-10: 0385113234

ISBN-13: 9780385113236

Whereas dated--the quantity is a part of a collection at the occult released via Doubleday in 1976--the details contained inside of is actual and well timed. additionally, the paintings comprises many beautiful illustrations/reproductions, making it a visually beautiful resource. Contents: 1 The which means of Alchemy 2 the rules of Alchemy three Mysterious Frenchmen four The Medieval Masters five The Wandering Alchemists 6 What occurred to Alchemy? 7 intercourse and Symbolism eight Alchemy Lives On

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Everything about him suggests another age . . I asked him about Fulcanelli, and he gave me to understand that Fulcanelli is not dead . . " A few weeks later Pauwels met Jacques Bergier, a scientist, with whom he later collaborated in writing on the occult. Bergier told Pauwels of his own meeting with a man whom he guessed to be Fulcanelli. It happened one afternoon in June 1937. Bergier said that he met the alchemist by appointment in a laboratory of the Gas Board in Paris. Bergier at that time was working as research assistant to Andre Helbronner, the French atomic physicist.

Ferent mercury. . And further they are still more divided, as 59 there is not merely one kind of gold but many kinds of gold... " This kind of philosophy, emanating from someone with as strong a personality as Paracelsus, had an immeasurable influence on the theories of the alchemists. In the sense that it made all practical work much more difficult to conceive, it is certainly true that Paracelsus' doctrine encouraged a more mystic approach to alchemy. So, on the one hand, he was claimed by those looking to alchemy for medical cures as the father of medical chemistry.

From the German all-geist he derived the word alkahest, the imaginary universal solvent with the power to convert all bodies into their liquid primary matter. " Paracelsus' main aim in alchemy was to use its methods to prepare medicines. Although he did not deny the possibility of Above: this drawing, a Young Man with a Broad-brimmed Hat, is frequently assumed to be a portrait of the young Paracelsus. Right: The Apothecary, late 16th Century, by H. Stacey Marks. Apothecaries relied on herbs for their medicines, and persecuted Paracelsus when he began to develope medicines based on chemical substances.

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