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Download Alfred’s Essentials of Music Theory, Complete by Andrew Surmani PDF

By Andrew Surmani

ISBN-10: 0882848976

ISBN-13: 9780882848976

Alfred's necessities of track concept is designed for college kids of any age, even if listeners or performers, who are looking to have a greater knowing of the language of song. during this all-in-one thought direction, you'll research the necessities of tune via concise classes, perform your song studying and writing talents within the routines, enhance your listening abilities with the ear-training CDs (available individually or as a ebook & CD combo), and attempt your wisdom with a assessment that completes every one unit.

The scholar entire e-book comprises Books 1-3 in a spiral-bound structure.

Book 1 (Lessons 1-25): employees, Notes and Pitches
* Treble & Bass Clefs
* Grand employees & Ledger traces
* observe Values
* degree, Bar Line and Double Bar
* 2/4, 3/4 & 4/4 Time Signatures
* complete, part & region Notes/Rests
* Dotted part & region Notes
* Ties & Slurs
* Repeat signal, 1st & 2d Endings
* 8th Notes & Rests
* Dynamic symptoms, pace Marks & Articulation
* D.C., D.S., Coda & effective
* residences, Sharps & Naturals
* entire & part Step, Enharmonic Notes.

Book 2 (Lessons 25-50): Tetrachords & significant Scales
* Key Signatures
* Chromatic Scale
* periods, Circle of Fifths
* excellent, significant & Minor periods
* Augmented & reduced periods
* Solfège & Transposition
* 16th Notes & Rests
* Dotted 8th Notes & 8th observe Triplets
* universal Time & lower Time
* 3/8 & 6/8 Time Signatures
* Pick-up Notes & Syncopation
* basic & significant Triads
* Scale measure Names
* Dominant seventh Chord.

Book three (Lessons 51-75): 1st & 2d Inversions of Triads
* Inversions of V7 Chords
* Figured Bass
* significant Chord Progressions
* Minor Scales, Minor Triads
* Augmented & decreased Triads
* basic Triads in Minor Keys
* Minor Chord Progressions
* Modes
* Harmonizing a Melody in significant and Minor Keys
* damaged Chords & Arpeggiated Accompaniments
* Passing and Neighboring Tones
* Composing a Melody in significant and Minor Keys
* 12-Bar Blues Chord development & Blues Scale
* uncomplicated kinds of tune.

The entire line of Alfred's necessities of track conception contains pupil Books, a Teacher's solution Key, Ear-Training CDs, Double Bingo video games, Flash playing cards, Reproducible Teacher's job Kits, and interactive software program for college students and lecturers in deepest research, studio and community environments.

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